Who we help

Serving Book Sellers, Buyers, Researchers and Readers


Our mission is to mine the details of reading levels, topics, features and concepts within books and then to share the information with book sellers.


Charged with differentiating instruction for students with wide ranges of skills and interests, teachers and libraries use our software and data to make great matches between the students they know and the books that will appeal to them.


We are organizing semantic libraries that allow scholars to search within and across hundreds of thousands of ebooks, then instantly organize those results into a concordance with contextual snippets, copyright attribution, and bibliographic formatting.


Matching readers to books is an old challenge.  How does one do it with millions of book choices, as well as readers with a wide-spectrum of readiness?

  • reading levels

    Reading Levels

    Where does a reader turn to find a book that matches her  interests and reading readiness?   Unbound Concepts simplifies the discovery and matching of appropriate books to readers.  We create this knowledge by leveraging the experience of teachers, as well as training software to understand and notice patterns.

  • guidance

    Teachers guiding

    With our BookLeveler™ app, a growing community of teachers (40,000+) use their smart phones to scan books, learn about books, and share new leveling data with their peers.

  • machine

    Machine learning

    Don't freak out, but machines at the NSA read your email every day and are able to parse, organize, tag, and flag various features.  At Unbound Concepts, we have different reading goals.  We know there is some cleverness involved in matching the perfect book to a reader.  We help sort that business out.

How we do it

Machines, like people,  can grow smarter if they read something new every day.

Reading makes us smarter

We import ebooks into our software, then we begin to study them.  We use Natural Language Processing tools to examine the words, the sentences, and the organization of each text.  Then we compare the texts to each other, as well as apply series of rules to them, so that we better understand them.  These rules have been created by us, as well as by the 40k teachers who use our BookLeveler app.

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