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  1. Tags on books.  Tags consist of themes, literary elements, maturity warnings and instructional topics.  This book has 22 artifacts.
  2. A free web and mobile app. Users can add artifacts to the content they know. Users can search for and discover content with specific artifacts. I found this title on Artifact.
  3. Platform for content providers. Publishers and distributors can receive and integrate artifacts within their distribution channels, improving end user discoverability and leading to increased revenue. Our product team used Artifact Subscription to put a discovery service on their site within 3 hours. Our department uses Artifact for more granular collection development.


Inspired by the scribbled notes found in the margins of books.

Reading Level

What is the complexity of this particular text?  We have artifacts that indicate a book’s Lexile Measure®,Accelerated Reader® Scores and Guided Reading Levels.  Use complexity as one of your search criteria the next time you search for the appropriate book for a student.


Where else can you find books tagged with kindness, greed, self-reliance, patience, trust, abuse of power, inflexibility, false identity, mothering, trauma, and overcoming obstacles?  We have hundreds more topics.

Literary Elements

Books can serve as great instructional examples within your lessons.  Want to find books that are good examples of third-person narration, compare and contrast, epiphany, unreliable narrator, and story within a story?  We have hundreds artifacts that match to the language of instruction.

Layered Search

With Artifact’s layered searches, you can narrow the list of the books that are right for you, your students or their parents.  e.g. Search for books for third grade readers about overcoming obstacles and with an example of a story within a story.

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