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Use Artifact for Instruction


Prepare students to read a story by discussing a concept that appears in a book:

  • This book has rhymes. Can you remember any other books with rhyming words?
  • This book includes travel. Can you remember another story that we’ve read that includes a journey?
  • Keep your eye out in this story for relationships between parents and children.  Are parents easy or difficult to live with?


Practice close-reading with Artifact:

  • Can you find an example of teamwork in this story?
  • Show me where you see that in the story.


Have students create artifacts for the books they read:

  • What big ideas appear in this story?
  • What are some smaller ideas in the story that seem significant?
  • How does this story address the idea of teamwork?

Artifact for Daily Activities

Search for books

Create collections

Create classroom activities

  • Have students search for ideas/evidence in a book
  • Have students identify different books that contain an idea
  • Give students practice and feedback for these skills
  • Add an enrollment key in the activity for student privacy

Classroom Privacy

  • The Unbound Concepts team creates artifacts for books that are visible to all.
  • Users create artifacts that are visible to themselves.
  • Users can designate using a full name, username or anonymous within their account profile.
  • Sometimes, the Unbound Concepts team will promote excellent artifacts to be visible to all.  In those cases, the user’s choice of anonymous, full name, or username is applied to the artifact.
  • Users can create “activities” that make full names and artifacts visible to the enrolled group. These are privacy protected with enrollment keys.