What if ?

  • We provide a portal for your team to view and manage artifacts for your books.
  • Your editorial team, authors, product managers and in-house subject matter experts have the ability to add artifacts, resource guides and marketing materials to enrich your content.
  • You can view, vote, and manage community artifacts created for your books
  • You can organize your titles in collections, or by artifact type, for enhanced collection building.
  • You can gain valuable insight into what is most important to your customers.
  • Everything in the portal is available via API to your development team for use on your websites, products and distribution channels.
  • We recommend that you designate a team to create artifacts for your books
  • Alternatively, Unbound Concepts can provide services to create artifacts for your content
  • We recommend that you use our event data API to track all user activity against your content (this will include all sources that use the API, including distributors)
  • We recommend that you integrate Read and or Read/Write features of Artifact into your website, apps, or sales portal for enhanced data and community around your books

Client Testimonial

As a premier distributor of content to classrooms and libraries, we always strive to bring the best services to publishers to help them achieve their goals for students in the K12 market. One of the differentiators that attracted me to working with Unbound Concepts is their intrinsic knowledge of content needs in the K12 space, based on their hands-on educational background. Thanks to this exclusive Unbound Concepts partnership, Baker & Taylor customers will be able to search by Artifact, allowing for deep discovery and search results of content. This partnership will enable teachers, librarians and curriculum buyers to build collections of titles that enlighten and endure.George Coe, President, Baker & Taylor